What is Eating Healthy?

Yes, you probably hear it all the time but it’s true, you need to eat healthy and balanced meals to kick start a healthy lifestyle. One of the contributing factors to childhood obesity is children eating unhealthy foods like fast food such as McDonalds, Jack in the Box, and Taco Bell. So this blog post is about what a healthy meal is which you can use when making meals at home, and hopefully instead of getting fast food.

A healthy meal is a mix of vegetables or salad, lean protein, and starchy carbohydrates. I’m sure your thinking right now you thinking “I do eat all of those things so I’m eating healthy.” but the question is are you eating the right amounts of it? Most likely not. Your meal should be 50% vegetables or salad, 25% lean protein and 25% starchy carbohydrates. Here are some examples for each of those categories:

Vegetables or salad(non-starchy)


green beans






Lean Protein

red meat




skinless chicken




Starchy Carbohydrates








There are many more possibilities then the ones listed above but there are just a few ideas to help you out 🙂 If we all try to start incorporating this into our everyday lives then we can also teach the following generations how to eat right and they can continue to pass it on. Yes it sounds simple, but it’s not easy to eat right. There are always temptations such as treats and fast food always sounds good and the nice thing is that all of that is okay to eat in moderation! Instead of eating it daily you can look forward to eating it as a treat every now and then. Eating right is not the only thing that we need to do to stop childhood obesity but it is something that greatly contributes to it and it is a great place to start. Along with eating right we need to be more active and workout more and be present and take action in the world around us instead of sitting behind computer screen eating fast food. For you next meal try to follow the meal plan above, and remember that homemade meals are the healthiest and best meals.



What is Eating Healthy?

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