Healthier Options for Snacks

Most of us don’t realize what foods are unhealthy when we are just mindlessly snacking throughout our days so today my goal is to inform you on some alternative options. And yes we all have our cravings and sweet tooths and that’s okay to give into every now and then… moderation is key!

For example chips… instead of chips bake some kale chips. I bet the first thing you thought was ewww that’s disgusting (so did I the first time I heard of them) but surprisingly they aren’t bad they are actually pretty good. The best part is that they only take about fifteen minutes to make.


Another big thing a lot of us eat is french fries they are salty and never fail to be delicious but they are definitely not a healthy option. Another option to satisfy your salty need is sweet potato wedges which you can easily make at home in about thirty minutes.


And if you have kids I’m sure you give them kids yogurts such as gogurt but that is extremely unhealthy a different option would be a wholesome yogurt and add some honey for flavoring and maybe some strawberries. That may take a few more minutes to make but it is so much healthier for you and your kids to eat.


Another example of a snack that both adults and children eat are fruit cups… yes they are fruit but they are soaked in a sugary syrup and at that point are no longer a healthy snack. The alternative to this is super simple: any real fruit. That could be an apple, orange, peach, pear, banana, grapes, etc.


Like all of other posts we are trying to help everyone make healthier decisions and continue to teach that to younger generations. The sooner we start to be a healthier community the more we will help our future generations. If we change our unhealthy habits now then hopefully children in the future won’t have to deal with childhood obesity as often as they do now.

Healthier Options for Snacks

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