Contributors to Childhood Obesity

I think it is very important to understand what things have happened in the past that have raised the rates of childhood obesity today.

One of the contributing factors is fast food. For example, in 1953 the first McDonalds was created. I am sure you have heard that fast food is one of the biggest contributors to childhood obesity. After the first fast food restaurant opened it turned into a chain and they are now everywhere. Eating fast food is way to common in people’s everyday diets.


Another big contributing factor to childhood obesity is electronics such as video games and television. In the 1927 the first television was released. Once television was released children would stay inside to watch shows rather then going outside and being active during the day. After television came computers, in 1946. Once computers came out the same thing happened as when the television came out, people stayed inside more and weren’t as active. Then came video games which have rolled into present day and have taken over most of teens lives. The first video game was released in the early 1970’s. Video games have become on of the biggest issues today for teen health because people will sit behind screens doing nothing active all day which is extremely bad for you.


There are many more contributing factors to childhood obesity and those are two of the biggest ones that are most relatable to children and teens today. Sadly by 2011-12 17% of children were obese and 31.8% were overweight or obese. This number is way to high and we need to help the next generation so this number can decrease. Childhood obesity has many long term and short term effects that we don’t always think about. As a community we should begin to recognize these things in our everyday lives start to change them. We should also teach the younger generation to go outside more and be more active in their everyday lives and to also make healthy foods at home rather than eating fast food. That doesn’t mean never play video games or eat fast food it just means to balance it out with healthier decisions. The more we start to make healthier decisions the less childhood obesity there will be in the future.

Contributors to Childhood Obesity

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