What We are About

Childhood obesity is a health issue that has been a growing health epidemic in the U.S. It has more than doubled in the last thirty-six years and has become one of the most common chronic disease in children. A child is diagnosed with obesity if their body mass index-for-age is above ninety five percent. Statistics show that obesity in children six to eleven years old in the U.S. has increased from seven percent (in 1980) to eighteen percent (in 2012) and increased from five percent to twenty one percent in adolescents twelve to nineteen years old.


Childhood obesity causes many other health effects, both immediate and long term.

Immediate health effects: higher risk to cardiovascular disease, pre diabetes, bone and joint problems, sleep apnea, and social and psychological problems.

Long term health effects: higher rise to being obese an adult, heart disease, type two diabetes, strokes, several types of cancer, and osteoarthritis.


People don’t talk to much about childhood obesity probably because they are not fully aware of how present it is in our society and how quickly it is increasing. Our goal is to raise awareness of childhood obesity help get the community involved in helping prevent childhood obesity. The children today are the next generation, we want them to be healthy and happy so that we can keep our communities moving forwards in a healthy direction. To start helping prevent it, the first thing you can do to help is help your kids and the people around you make healthier decisions. Its not a super simple fix but if everyone works together it is doable fix.

So our advice to is get outside, be active, make the healthy decision. Instead of watching T.V. or playing video games go outside and hangout with some friends or take a walk. Instead of eating a bag of chips eat some fruit or make a healthy smoothie. Just do what’s best for your body you will thank yourself. Together we will raise awareness of childhood obesity in all of our communities.

What We are About