Workout Plan

Plans, plans, plans…. I know our last post was about a diet plan and today┬áis about a workout plan but working out and eating healthy are two of the key components to staying at a healthy weight and have a healthy body. A lot of people done really know where to start to make a workout plan but I will give you an example of a one week plan that can easily be repeated.

MONDAY (Cardio)

-30 minutes of cardio: biking, running, walking, or hiking

Marathon, black silhouettes of runners on the sunset


-10 reps of bicep curls


-10 reps of tricep kick backs

-10 reps of shoulder presses

*repeat twice

WEDNESDAY (Abs and obliques)

-20 reps of crunches

-20 reps of bicycle crunches

-20 reps of oblique crunches


-30 second plank

-30 second side plank on each side

THURDSAY (Lower body)

-10 reps of walking lunges on each side

-30 second to 1 minute wall sit


-30 calf raises on both legs then 15 raises on each leg

-10 reps of jump squats

*repeat circuit two more times

FRIDAY (Cardio)

-30 minutes of cardio: same as Monday

*tip: if you do one minute of walking and then 1 or 2 minutes of sprinting you can maximize your results





If you think about it, that really isn’t to difficult of a plan to follow and it doesn’t take that much time out of your day. It’s not to late to start! There are no excuses not to work out everyone can do it. A good way to stay on track with working out is to have a workout buddy that way you can keep each other motivated. If we all start to work out more we can help teach the younger generations what a healthy lifestyle is… and people can start working out when they are younger. The more we teach the younger generations about being healthy then the more we can help lessen the rates of childhood obesity in the future. We have to start changing now to effect the future and as a team we can do that!


Workout Plan