Alright this is it last post which is a recap of our goal and all the things we have talked about. So, our goal is to raise awareness of childhood obesity in our society and try to make it so that future generations can potentially have lower rates of childhood obesity and just be healthier in general. The reason we are starting with the current generations is because if we learn how to make healthier decisions now then we can teach the next generations what we learn. This will make it so that they hopefully won’t have to deal with this health epidemic or, at least, it will be less present in their generations. This is not something that can be fixed over night but if we start now then we can continue to improve in the future. To change the future we need to start making changes in the present.

We have talked about eating healthy, working out, the contributors to childhood obesity, and transportation options.

Eating healthy: Eat balanced meals! For example, to much of one thing such as carbohydrates isn’t healthy but some carbohydrates are healthy. And remember when you are snacking to eat healthy snacks rather than french fries or candy. Having a diet plan can help you a lot!


Working out: Do a workout everyday and take a few days to rest (you should still try to do something active on those days though or something outdoors). Just like eating healthy, a workout plan can be very useful to keep you on track.


Contributing to childhood obesity: Fast foods and electronics are the two main contributors to childhood obesity that we talked about. However, there are many more which you can look into. Try eat fast food in moderation and also don’t let your friends or children be consumed by a screen. Get them outside doing something active… video games are fun but that doesn’t mean that you should play them all day everyday.


Transportation: Cars are helpful and convenient but there are alternatives that we should use as well. These include biking, scootering, skateboarding, or even walking. We will always use cars but if its possible use an alternative.


Make the change now and you can help the future!