Alternative Forms of Transportation

We have become accustomed to using cars as our main form of transportation. Cars are super convenient and the quickest way to get places however there are some alternatives that can be used sometimes. However there are other options such as walking or riding a bike and other options. To some people the idea of that isn’t to appealing but why not?


If you are going somewhere that would only take a few minutes to drive to then make the healthier option and walk, ride a bike, skateboard, scooter, etc. For example, if you want to go get something to eat instead thats a five minute drive away just leave your house a little earlier and use your own energy to get there. Plus you get a little bit of a workout in and it keeps you active. Also, when your active you feel better and actually have more energy.


Another time you can use a different form of transportation other than your car is when you are going to the beach or something. I mean why try to find parking when you can just take a bike.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, cars are great and they are a part of our everyday lives but we should also try to incorporate other forms of transportation into our everyday lives. In the past there were no cars and everyone used alternative forms of transportation which means we can do it now as well. If we start to change this now then we can continue to show our children and have them learn how to be more active in their everyday lives.

I know it sounds so much simpler to just take your car because it is faster and way easier because it doesn’t really take much easier but if every now and then you threw in a bike ride or something else it would be healthier for you. Plus it feels so much better to be active.

Alternative Forms of Transportation